Thursday, February 26, 2009

Welcome to Opening Eyes, LLC!

Dana's blog is intended to explore, learn and share information and experiences regarding two areas:

Personal and Professional Goals 

My first issue combines both my passions: How does one forge ahead on a project or conversation despite one's fear? I had that opportunity when I learned about microfinance and decided to get involved by writing a book (Transforming Lives $40 at a Time) about microentrepreneurs. The only thing stopping me was my HUGE fear about whether I, someone who was not a trained photojournalist, could possibly capture the essence of these individuals' lives in photos and words. A key to opening my lock was when I finally let my passion for the project over-ride my rational arguments of what I was and was not capable of. I never could have guessed that facing my fear and taking this project on despite it, would transform my life so significantly that I launched a new career -  personal and professional coaching -  to help others move forward in any area of their lives! 
So here are a few follow-up questions: Where are you stuck? What holds you back? What helps you move forward? I look forward to having a conversation with you.