Monday, April 28, 2014

Just a Moment

Now, look out your window. What catches your eye?
Now, take in a deep breath through your nose. What scent do you detect?
Now, touch your cheek. What texture and temperature do you feel?
Now, take a bite or sip of something. Savory, bitter, sweet or salty?
Now, close your eyes, relax your jaw, breathe normally and listen. What do you hear?

It takes just a moment to be in the Now.


Monday, April 21, 2014

Altruism - Is It OK to Reap Its Rewards?

Last evening at dinner we discussed the concept of 'altruism' - 
doing something for someone with no expectation of a 
reward or repayment. 
But, we also discussed the seeming impossibility of 
not receiving something in exchange 
(including a good feeling upon seeing someone smile, 
satisfaction from doing something good or helpful.) 
Does such a reward, be it internal or external, negate the altruistic act? 

Offer one act of altruism. What do you think? Feel?

Smiling at you,


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Father Time Needs a Time Out! For Women ONLY...

Father Time Overcome by Love, Hope and Beauty by Simon Vouet
Feeling crazed? Pushed? Pulled? Anxious, overwhelmed, hyper? Frustrated, exhausted, drained? You've got Father Time to thank. Yes, rather than pausing to consider the consequences of over-stuffing our calendars, not to mention focusing on what we really want, his wily tick-tock ways get us -- particularly women --to say 'yes-yes' 'yes-yes' at the speed of light. Oh, and how we've bought into his bravado -- ironically bragging, "I was up all night working on this project!" And to what effect? Chronic illness? Ignoring our own precious priorities? Oh, how he smiles at such deleterious results. 
It's time to stop the clock - his clock. It's time for each of us to say farewell to Father Time and welcome to My Time…my pace, my tempo, my 'yes-yes' 'yes-yes' AND 'no-no' 'no-no.'  
The question to keep asking and answering is: 
What is the love, hope and beauty that I want to 
'give-and-receive' 'give-and-receive'? 
Join me to discover how to set your own timepiece, one that promotes health, happiness and meaning. 
WHAT: Time Management and Balance: A Workshop for Women
        WHERE: HUB San Francisco, 925 Mission Street, San Francisco 
WHEN: Tuesday, April 15th  6-7:30 p.m. 

Now that promises to be well spent Me Time!

Helping you tick-tock your way to balance, day by day, minute by minute, second by second,