Friday, January 7, 2011

What's Love Got to Do with It?

     It struck me during the holidays how tempting it was for me and for others with whom I spent time to overbook, eat too much, stay out too late, purchase one more unnecessary gift and forgo time to reflect, not to mention get adequate sleep. The consequences of such choices are what I call the 3 Bs: the blues, bulge and burnout. 

     Whether you over- or under-indulge, you’re actually depriving yourself physically, mentally and/or emotionally.

      What if I told you that you could say ‘Never again!’ to these all too typical actions and deleterious results? This can be accomplished by making and committing to following one decision: love yourself. Yep, that’s it. Decide to love yourself like you love a best friend, a child, a spouse, a partner. Decide to stop plowing into each day, each opportunity, each responsibility, each plate of food without consideration for what you really want, really need, really have energy and time to undertake. Decide to take the time at every opportunity to ask yourself, ‘Will this decision reflect my love for myself?’ If the answer is ‘Yes’ then do it. If it’s ‘No’ then consider your options – who might help you with that task; is it really essential or can it be amended, dropped or delayed; ask yourself and then listen to what you really crave instead of another 1000 empty calories; pay attention to your energy levels -- are you getting too much or too little exercise, sleep, time for what you really care about, and for yourself…

      If you start practicing loving yourself now, instead of blurting the 'Bs' next December, you'll be singing in the key of ‘E’ – ‘Yes, Enough, that's just Enough!’