Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What steps are you taking to identify and forge a successful new career?

Are you looking for a new career? Determined to find one that fits YOU? Here are some questions that I recommend you ask yourself as well as friends, family and colleagues you trust who will be thoughtfully honest with you.
1. What topics, events, people, places motivate you? 
2. What frustrates or demoralizes you?
3. What happens when you walk into a room? What to do people see, sense?
4. What should you start to do that you aren't doing? Stop doing that you are doing? Continue doing? 

Taken together, such answers will help you learn more about how you and others perceive you. What skills, values, interests arise? What might you bring to a career, what might you want to leave behind? Armed with this information, you'll undoubtedly expand your options for identifying and forging a successful career.