Friday, January 20, 2017

Marching Forward. Together. All of US.

 I marched on January 21st.

Photo by Dana Whitaker from
Exploring Morocco; Discovering  Ourselves
Because I'm choosing to look and act with forward conviction and constructive action. 
Because there is room for all of us. We are all in this. All of us. 
For my part, I'm committed to helping individuals become self-aware (as I try to be myself), conscious of what they value. 
Knowing oneself is centering and inspires self trust, two keys to moving forward. 
That's powerful. 
Imagine everyone believing in themselves. 
What positive energy and action we would create! 
From a self-trusting place, there is neither need nor room for fear. 
 Because we're living our truths. 
When people do that, we want for others what we have for ourselves. 
Safety. Respect. Connection. 

Ready to march?

What are your values?

My primary one is: Be open, no matter what! 

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